Mission: Displacement Readings
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Next Island
Objective:15 click with the supplied blueprint
Reward:50QR Elysian Power Sphere Blueprint &15 Praetonium
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:DiNapoli
Required Mission:Armor of Heroes
Added:Next Island 2012.2


Get on Emiliano DiNapoli's good side by helping him with his research.


  • Make 15 crafting attempts and take notes of your outcomes.
  • Bring the results back to DiNapoli

Note: Although a power sphere blueprint is provided in fact 15 clicks on any blueprint will suffice


DiNapoli (137081,83292)

Thanks for your kind offer! I'm currently researching the tiny elemental differences between this world and our home world. I believe this is connected to how we are able to move items through time, as well as explaining what happed to the missing First Wavers.

If you're interested in crafting, you could help me with my research. I'll give you these instructions for an Elysian Power Sphere, and you bring it to a crafting station. As you create this piece of technology, take notes on your findings. Of course, just one item isn't good enough for scientific research, so make at least 15 attempts before you bring me your notes.

And you can hang on to the blueprint afterwards, my friend. You'll find that many pieces of Elysian technology require a power source.


If you choose 'What will you give me if I help you?':

I guess your mother didn't teach you about honey and vinegar. But I would be happy to give a sample of the Elysian element, Praetonium as a reward for helping with my research.
In your Trojan Breastplate, <Nickname>, one of the components is Praetonium.

Praetonium is an entirely new element, discovered by Elysian scientists back on Earth. Because it's so strong and so light, it's used in monst Elysian armor and technology. If you could do a favor for me, I'll give you a sample of Praetonium.
  • A sample of a new element? Back in a few!

On returning to DiNapoli after 15 crafting attempts:

Thank you! Please take this sample of Praetonium! You can get my by helping me with my work, or by mining it yourself.
  • Thanks!

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