Mission: A Favor for DiNapoli
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Next Island
Objective:Bring the present to Creon in Ancient Greece
Reward:Achievement: Honeybrew Lager
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:DiNapoli
Required Mission:Displacement Readings


Earn DiNapoli's favor by delivering a present to Archon Crean.

  • Bring the present to Creon in Ancient Greece


DiNapoli (137081, 83292)
Hello again, <Nickname>!
  • Is there a favor or something I could do for you? So that you might, you know, feel a little more inclined to share the instructions for the Trojan Breastplate with me later?
Actually, there is something you could do for me! Would you deliver this gift to Archon Creon? This is a small present I've made for him to thank him for his wisdon in ruling and protecting Elysian citizens in Ancient Greece.
  • Of course. I've been meaning to visit Ancient Greece anyway.
  • I don't have much interest in Ancient Greece, and besides, I have boar to kill.

On arrival at Creon in Ancient Greece:
Creon (36311 20685)
A gift from my old friend DiNapoli? Thankyou <>!

∗Creon opens the package∗
  • You're welcome, Archon!
Honeybrew Laer, like we got from the brewery on the first Elysian island! Old DiNapoli and I used to drink this all the time and argue about politics! Good times. I shuld be impressed that he re-created this on Next Island, but I can't believe he managed to get this back through time to me!

Many thanks, <First Name>. I can't wait to get home and enjoy this!
  • You're most welcome Mr. Creon!

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