Mission: Axonic Diodes
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Next Island
Objective:Bring the required materials to Malcolm Campbell
Reward:Campbell's Basic Framework Blueprint
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Malcolm Campbell
Nearest City:Crystal Resort


Help Malcolm Campbell build Axonic Diodes to fix Samuel.


  • Give Malcolm the items he requires
    • 7 Elysian Power Spheres
    • 5 Lesser Elysia
    • 150 Elysian Tech Chips

Mission is Currently Bugged and cannot be completed.


Malcolm Campbell, Crafter Starting Kit (137331, 83291)

Hello, <Nickname>! Nice work repairing old Samuel! I knew you had a crafter's skill!
  • Thanks, Malcolm! But he did mention a small problem with his logical circuits.
That he did. It's the Axonic Diodes, the vital connectors in Samuel's frontal cortex. The tropical moisture must have destroyed the fragile connections, but I've sorted out a possible workaround.


  • How's that going?
  • One crucial piece is mysteriously broken, huh? I think I've heard this story before.

If you choose 'How's that going':

It's challenging, but creating new items from local materials is one of my hobbies. I'm working on a new framework right now, using just waste parts of hunted papoo!
  • Can you make new Axonic Diodes just from jungle materials?
I think I can. I've been able to mimic the missing pieces by making some modifications to the Elysian Tech Chips, and amplifying, and generating a charge with Elysian Power Spheres. Best of all, I've developed a covering from animal muscle oils and Lesser Elysia that will protect the delicate wiring from the tropical moisture.
  • Can I help you with your work?
I would appreciate that. I'm running quite low on Elysian Power Spheres, Lesser Elysia and Elysian Tech Chips after a couple of botched attempts. I'd be thankful if you could bring them to me.


  • I'll do it!
  • Where do I get Elysian Tech Chips?
  • Where do I get Elysian Power Spheres?
  • Where do I get Lesser Elysia?
  • Crafting's not even a little bit interesting. I'm going to go sweat some animals instead.

If you choose 'Where do I get Elysian Tech Chips?':

Broken pieces of Elysian technology are often found in the jungle. Prof. Kardsten was just telling me how great the papoo are at finding them.

If you choose 'Where do I get Elysian Power Spheres?':

These must be crafted, <Nickname>. Professor DiNapoli, down at Crystal Bay, has the blueprint. Or you could just trade for some that another Islander has made.

If you choose 'Where do I get Lesser Elysia?':

Unfortunately, these aren't as common as papoo parts. Lesser Elysia must be crafted, <Nickname>. To make your own, you can purchase this blueprint from a technician, or hope you get it as you craft other things. Or you could just trade for some that another Islander has made.

If you choose 'I'll do it!':

Great! Bring me 7 Elysian Power Spheres, 5 Lesser Elysia, and 150 Elysian Tech Chips.

On return to Malcolm Campbell with listed items:

Were you able to get the required parts?


  • Yes, I have them right here.
  • No, I could use some more info regarding the parts.
  • I'm, uh, doing it right now.

If you choose 'Yes, I have them right here':

Excellent, would you please hand them over and I can get to work.


  • Of course, here you are.
  • No, not yet.

If you choose 'Of course, here you are':

Thanks, Serica! You've saved me quite a bit of time. Once I get Samuel fully operationa, he'll be able to tell us more about the First Wave.

I'd like to thank you, and to encourage your crafting skills. Here's a little something I've been working on. Doesn't look like much by itself, but this framework will come in handy as you continue to craft.
  • Thanks, Malcolm.

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