Version Update: 17.0.2
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Graphics improvements, bug fixes


  • Improved visual quality of unlit areas
  • Increased ambient occlusion
  • The brightness setting slider has been adjusted to be linear and go darker


Fixed issues:

  • Fixed an issue where combat text didn't show for damaging destructibles
  • Fixed an issue where Blueprints could crash the client
  • Fixed an issue where the Avatar could become emissive after a skill boost
  • Fixed an issue where it could crash the client when switching between tabs in the Entropia Exchange
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of an attachments attachment didn't work if equipped on an already equipped tool
  • Fixed an issue where it would crash the client when trying to use the make-up system
  • Fixed an issue where colors were switched in the Make-up system
  • Fixed an issue where the error message text position was not adjusted when changing resolution

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