Armor Sets
Available armors. You can test the performance and decay of the armors in the Creature Maturity Levels chart. For more information about armor and plate decay, see Armor Decay. Showing 16 of 56 items.
Damage: Durability: Decay: PEC
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General InformationProtectionEconomySourcePersonal effect
NameWeightStbCutImpPenShrBrnCldAcdElcCloseFirearmsTotalDurabilitySet TTMar. (M)Mar. (F)SourceFound onPersonal Effects
 Aegis 9994494499927971513500   LootedNext Island 
 Apocalypse 3030301461100090311213000   LootedNext Island 
 Arcticus (L)11.966222266226034349612000390.0  CraftedNext Island 
 Ascension Armor8.6888808000241640350070.0  Reward ProgramNext Island10% skill gain in: laser and BLP weapons, Blades and Brawler
Atlas8.6991000305028336280028.6  DiscipleNext Island 
Ethereal Armor14.124303034154277784911965500800.0  WebshopEntropia Universe 
Harrier Assault10.122020100043760012.0  Starter PackEntropia Universe 
Harrier Assault, Adjusted10.122220100063960012.0  Starter PackEntropia Universe7 parts: 8% Acceleration
Harrier Scout10.11111010003256006.0  Starter PackEntropia Universe 
HyperSense Spectacles 151316110100004421651000   CraftedNext Island 
Optimus Prime 121215150130003928671500    Next Island 
 Raider11.9777400000214251350129.0  LootedNext Island 
 Scourge 121214006666386622450   MissionNext Island 
 Seeker (L)8.61140000306091050040.0  TTAncient Greece, Next Island 
Trojan 444400000124161000   Crafted, MissionNext Island 
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