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ShopTypeItemPropertiesAmountValueMarkupMarkupExpiresExpiration periodDelete
 Viking MiningMisc. ToolArmament Device 1 (L)Full TT110025.00126.0050ResetDelete
 Gaia's Cradle ShopkeeperWeapon AttachmentArMatrix L-Amplifier 13B (L)Full TT1267.80 15ResetDelete
 Gaia's Cradle ShopkeeperWeaponArMatrix LP-10 (L)Full TT1255.00 15ResetDelete
TechnicianBlueprintBall Bearings  0.01  59ResetDelete
TechnicianBlueprintBasic Pattern Pants (C)  0.010.00 59ResetDelete
TechnicianBlueprintBasic Pattern Shirt (C)  0.010.00 59ResetDelete
Weapon TraderMaterialBLP Pack  0.010.00 59ResetDelete
Trade TerminalMaterial  0.00010.00 59ResetDelete
 Gaia's Cradle ShopkeeperMaterial 2501.00 15ResetDelete
ARKADIA ARMORArmor PartCanis Arm Guards (L)Full TT216.85.04130.0053ResetDelete
ARKADIA ARMORArmor PartCanis Foot Guards (L)Full TT214.44.32130.0053ResetDelete
ARKADIA ARMORArmor PartCanis Gloves (L)Full TT2123.60130.0053ResetDelete
ARKADIA ARMORArmor PartCanis Harness (L)Full TT228.88.64130.0053ResetDelete
ARKADIA ARMORArmor PartCanis Helmet (L)Full TT215.64.68130.0053ResetDelete
ARKADIA ARMORArmor PartCanis Shin Guards (L)Full TT215.64.68130.0053ResetDelete
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