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PlanetNameObjectiveRepeatableRewardReward SkillsMission BrokerLongitudeLatitudeNearest CityRequired MissionAddedCompleted
Next IslandArthur's Secret CrushTalk to Io Achievement: Kindness of the Elysians Arthur13684083387Crystal Peak Teleport12.7.0Completed
Next IslandBeachside FashionTalk to Miranda Island Shirt (C) Blueprint Sara Murray13683483356Crystal Peak TeleportCompleted
Next IslandBecome a LegendComplete all the personal legend achievements   Bartender13742183233Crystal Bay17.0Completed
Next IslandCrafting NoLesser Elysia Blueprint May the Crafting Instructor13591383359Paradise Landing17.0Completed
Next IslandDaily Crystalline Core ChallengeMake 100 attempts with the Crystalline Core Blueprint.Yes EngineeringNathan13335194010Sypherton Gardens17.3.0Completed
Next IslandDaily Lesser Elysia ChallengeSuccessfully craft Lesser Elysia 50 timesYes Make TextileMay13535988604Tanzanite View17.0Completed
Next IslandDaily Papoo ContainmentKill Grey PapooYes110 Oil The Cartographer13674383662Crystal Peak TeleportCompleted
Next IslandDaily Screecher ContainmentKill 300 Male ScreecherYes760 Oil The Cartographer13674383662Crystal Peak TeleportCompleted
Next IslandDaily Stalker ChallengeKill 50 Red Papoo StalkerYes2.5 ped Universal ammo Cecily12749482782Oasis Outlook17.0Completed
Next IslandDaily Village Boar ContainmentKill Village BoarYes240 Oil The Cartographer13674383662Crystal Peak TeleportCompleted
Next IslandDrake Eradication DailyKill 50 DrakesYes27 Drakescale (type you hunt determines the type you get) 5k Elysian Tech Chip, 14 PED Universal Ammo Overseer Alice13338794085Sypherton Gardens17.4Completed
Next IslandDriving testFinish the race in timeNoStrider MK.II (L) Blueprint (L) 10 Clicks Greta13596683644Paradise Landing17.0Completed
Next IslandFeed the peopleRun and errand for the ChefNoBoar Steak Jamie the Chef13593383344Paradise LandingCompleted
Next IslandFire, walk with me.Walk across the burning pathNoNone, but can update become a legend achievements   Completed
Next IslandFractured Settlement    Ben Lockwood13674983652Crystal Peak TeleportNew Elysian Order ExplorationCompleted
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