Armor: Apocalypse
Specifications                  [Edit]
Stab:30 HP
Cut:30 HP
Impact:30 HP
Penetration:14 HP
Shrapnel:6 HP
Burn:11 HP
Close:90 HP
Firearms:31 HP
Total:121 HP
Found on:Next Island

As of March 2020, not a single UL-piece has been discovered. The information is obviously taken from quests dialogs.
However, in March 2020 in the updated Ancient Greece appeared crafted limited variant.



Whatever raging forces created this desert wasteland in the past is unknown, but the deserts remaining residents have melded and bonded into a resourceful and cunning group. This armor built by them was assembled and designed using salvaged materials dug from the unforgiving sands nearby, resulting in a surprisingly useful protection set. Different classes of it were designed for different rank levels, but the ingenious design remains consistent, demonstrating a dogged resolve to be elite warriors when needed, even in a forgotten wasteland.

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