Avatar: David Doer Falkayn
Specifications                  [Edit]
Given Name:Doer
Society:Fat Rats
Society Rank:n00b
Country:United States
Entropedia Account:Doer (talk)
Prof. Standing:60
Highest Skill:9031
Total Skills:220439
Skill date:21-06-2015
Date of Arrival:15-11-2005
Place of Arrival:Atlas Haven


My story is told semi-autobiographically in my blog on Entropia Forum. (EF is now rebranded Planet Calypso Forum.)

I have been a member of The Drow, the now-defunct Lithium Forces Unknown, the NBK family of societies, and Fat Rats, which was made up of many of my former "socmates". In 2012 i became a member of Silly Underground Family, one of the oldest societies (it's okay, i hadn't heard about it, either) having followed a friend there when Fat Rats became too quiet.


I am curious and inquisitive by nature and like to understand and help others to understand things, so I have tested many Entropia Universe mechanics. I can't stand to see misinformation passed on as fact and tend to take it as a personal affront, a quirk that is responsible for most of my more volatile posts on EF. My signature there has always been something like:

P.I.Champion of reason, unraveler of MA's mysteries...forever n00ber

Myth busters: Evade/Defense Skills | Weapon damage | Armor decay | Unlocking Skills | Weapon attachments

Other esoterica: My Story | Luck | Project Entropia: what's in a name? | More bang


After some initial time of exploration and discovery, i spent many months skilling as economically as possible with an amped M2100, Opalo and then M2a (L) -- first on molisks and then on tantillions. After achieving a suitably high competence with the bigger unlimited weapons, i began working a slightly tougher crowd.

I have at times worked as a contract paramedic (Doer Die Medic Service) using my Improved FAP (which i decided to sell in 2010 to help out an irl friend) and was also a VIP Member of the Hoos & RICO Circle of Trust, which provided a rental service for the best gear in EU for several years.

I had to reduce my participation in the last years of the previous decade so that i could finish up my graduate degree. In the spring of 2012, when the "rebalancing" of the Iron Missions rewards was announced, i made a concerted effort to grind through the most valuable missions before the deadline, and began reporting on each in detail in my blog. Nowadays I continue to skill with my imk2 when i have time, always in pursuit of improved economy and the final hunting unlocks: Commando (ETA 2013), Kill Strike, Quickness, and Intuition.

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The avatar owns these estates.

Estate AreaTypeBlockFloor# 
Treasure Island PlatinumApartment Complex 8CEdit

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The avatar's profession levels.

BLP Pistoleer (Hit)Combat50.05Edit
BLP Sniper (Hit)Combat62.68Edit
Brawler (Dmg)Combat36.16Edit
Brawler (Hit)Combat26.55Edit
Cryogenic (Dmg)Combat29.06Edit
Cryogenic (Hit)Combat8.93Edit
Decoy DispenserCombat24.87Edit
Electro Kinetic (Dmg)Combat34.72Edit
Electro Kinetic (Hit)Combat16Edit
Gauss Sniper (Hit)Combat58.57Edit
Grenadier (Dmg)Combat48.66Edit
Grenadier (Hit)Combat38.56Edit
Knifefighter (Dmg)Combat39.56Edit
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The avatar's skill levels.

Laser Weaponry Technology9031.82ConstructionNoEdit
Ranged Damage Assessment7154.71CombatYesEdit
Weapons Handling6330.39CombatNoEdit
Combat Reflexes5901.81CombatNoEdit
Inflict Ranged Damage5350.79CombatNoEdit
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