Blueprint Book: Arkadia Tools
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NameLevelTypeMaterialsItemItem valueItem markupItem markupCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Arkadian Golden Key Blueprint6Misc. Tool11Arkadian Golden Key10006000.00PED 318.50565.06177.4Planet Arkadia
Arkadian Key 1 Blueprint1Misc. Tool4Arkadian Key 1201.40PED 3.123.34107.1Planet Arkadia
Arkadian Key 2 Blueprint1Misc. Tool4Arkadian Key 2404.80PED 6.026.67110.8Planet Arkadia
Arkadian Key 3 Blueprint2Misc. Tool4Arkadian Key 3606.00PED 9.1410.07110.2Planet Arkadia
Arkadian Key 4 Blueprint2Misc. Tool4Arkadian Key 4808.00PED 12.0113.05108.7Planet Arkadia
Arkadian Key 5 Blueprint3Misc. Tool5Arkadian Key 510010.00PED 15.0116.33108.8Planet Arkadia
Arkadian Key 6 Blueprint3Misc. Tool5Arkadian Key 612010.00PED 18.0119.47108.1Planet Arkadia
Arkadian Key 7 Blueprint4Misc. Tool5Arkadian Key 71407.00PED 21.0122.72108.1Planet Arkadia
Arkadian Key 8 Blueprint4Misc. Tool5Arkadian Key 816016.00PED 24.0125.82107.6Planet Arkadia
Arkadian Key 9 Blueprint5Misc. Tool5Arkadian Key 918030.00PED 27.0129.05107.6Planet Arkadia
Arkadian Key 10 Blueprint5Misc. Tool5Arkadian Key 1020018.00PED 30.0132.28107.6Planet Arkadia
GYRO Combat FAP-2 (L) Blueprint1Medical Tool4GYRO Combat FAP-2 (L)5  2.943.05103.7Planet Arkadia
GYRO Combat FAP-14 (L) Blueprint4Medical Tool7GYRO Combat FAP-14 (L)44  7.327.98109.0Planet Arkadia
GYRO Combat FAP-18 (L) Blueprint5Medical Tool7GYRO Combat FAP-18 (L)57  8.809.49107.8Planet Arkadia
GYRO Combat FAP-26 (L) Blueprint6Medical Tool7GYRO Combat FAP-26 (L)83  13.2218.41139.2Planet Arkadia
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