Blueprint Book: Arkadia Armor
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NameLevelTypeMaterialsItemItem valueItem markupItem markupCostCost/MCost/%Found on
 Aquila Arm Guards (L) Blueprint8Armor Part7Aquila Arm Guards (L)112150.00%150.00%22.6434.09150.6Planet Arkadia
 Aquila Gloves (L) Blueprint8Armor Part7Aquila Gloves (L)80150.00%120.00%16.5223.53142.4Planet Arkadia
 Aquila Harness (L) Blueprint8Armor Part7Aquila Harness (L)192150.00%150.00%39.0058.57150.2Planet Arkadia
 Aquila Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint8Armor Part7Aquila Thigh Guards (L)112155.00%155.00%22.6434.09150.6Planet Arkadia
Canis Arm Guards (L) Blueprint3Armor Part5Canis Arm Guards (L)16115.00%115.00%3.303.58108.5Planet Arkadia
Canis Foot Guards (L) Blueprint3Armor Part5Canis Foot Guards (L)14.4115.00%115.00%2.823.05108.0Planet Arkadia
Canis Gloves (L) Blueprint3Armor Part5Canis Gloves (L)12115.00%115.00%2.422.60107.6Planet Arkadia
Canis Harness (L) Blueprint3Armor Part5Canis Harness (L)28.8115.00%115.00%5.766.19107.5Planet Arkadia
Canis Helmet (L) Blueprint3Armor Part5Canis Helmet (L)15.6115.00%115.00%3.093.35108.4Planet Arkadia
Canis Shin Guards (L) Blueprint3Armor Part5Canis Shin Guards (L)15.6115.00%115.00%3.183.39106.7Planet Arkadia
Canis Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint3Armor Part5Canis Thigh Guards (L)16.8115.00%115.00%3.303.58108.5Planet Arkadia
Cetus Foot Guards (L) Blueprint7Armor Part5Cetus Foot Guards (L)60115.00%115.00%13.6116.77123.2Planet Arkadia
Cetus Gloves (L) Blueprint7Armor Part5Cetus Gloves (L)50115.00%115.00%10.3412.97125.4Planet Arkadia
Cetus Harness (L) Blueprint7Armor Part5Cetus Harness (L)120115.00%115.00%24.5430.27123.4Planet Arkadia
Cetus Helmet (L) Blueprint7Armor Part5Cetus Helmet (L)65115.00%115.00%13.2416.21122.4Planet Arkadia
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