Blueprint Book: Blueprints: A.R.C.
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This book can hold blueprints specific to A.R.C.

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NameLevelTypeMaterialsItemItem valueItem markupItem markupCostCost/MCost/%Found on
A.R.C. Fire Starter (L) Blueprint (L)5Weapon6 A.R.C. Fire Starter (L)440  88.0089.60101.8Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. HK Scout (L) Blueprint (L)2Weapon6 0  82.0891.42111.4Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. Lancer (L) Blueprint (L)4Vehicle4 A.R.C. Lancer (L)20  3.807.70202.7Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. P.I.G.V. Mk. II (L) Blueprint (L)3Vehicle6 A.R.C. P.I.G.V. Mk. II (L)17  3.413.65107.1Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. Ranger Arm Guards Blueprint (L)2Armor Part6A.R.C. Ranger Arm Guards14.2  2.872.95102.8Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. Ranger Foot Guards Blueprint (L)2Armor Part6A.R.C. Ranger Boots14.2  2.872.95102.8Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. Ranger Hand Guards Blueprint (L)2Armor Part6A.R.C. Ranger Gloves14.2  2.872.95102.8Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. Ranger Harness Blueprints (L)2Armor Part6A.R.C. Ranger Harness14.2  2.872.95102.8Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. Ranger Helmet Blueprint (L)2Armor Part6A.R.C. Ranger Helmet14.2  2.853.08108.1Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. Ranger Shin Guards Blueprint (L)3Armor Part6A.R.C. Ranger Shin Guards14.2  2.872.95102.8Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. Ranger Thigh Guards Blueprint (L)3Armor Part6A.R.C. Ranger Leg Guards14.2  2.872.95102.8Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. Scorpion AP1 (L) Blueprint (L)1Weapon6 A.R.C. Scorpion AP1 (L)299  61.2261.24100.0Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. Scorpion AP2 (L) Blueprint (L)1Weapon6 A.R.C. Scorpion AP2 (L)350  70.0275.00107.1Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. Special Ops Arm Guards (L) Blueprint (L)4Armor Part5 A.R.C. Special Ops Arm Guards (L)28.5  5.7014.68257.4Planet Cyrene
A.R.C. Special Ops Foot Guards (L) Blueprint (L)4Armor Part5 A.R.C. Special Ops Boots (L)28.5  5.7014.68257.4Planet Cyrene
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