Blueprint Book: Blueprints: Imperium
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NameLevelTypeMaterialsItemItem valueItem markupItem markupCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Enkidd Dire S1 (L) Blueprint1Weapon2Enkidd Dire S.1 (L)44  0.700.78112.0Planet Cyrene
Enkidd Fang S1 (L) Blueprint1Weapon5Enkidd Fang S.1 (L)34  6.808.17120.1Planet Cyrene
Enkidd Series A-32 (L) Blueprint (L)4Weapon4 Enkidd Series A-32 (L)145  29.0032.72112.8Planet Cyrene
Enkidd Series A-41 (L) Blueprint (L)4Weapon4 Enkidd Series A-41 (L)150  30.0030.00100.0Planet Cyrene
Enkidd Series A-45 (L) Blueprint (L)5Weapon5 Enkidd Series A-45 (L)155  31.0031.00100.0Planet Cyrene
Enkidd Series A-50 (L) Blueprint (L)5Weapon5 Enkidd Series A-50 (L)160  32.0832.08100.0Planet Cyrene
Enkidd Series A-55 (L) Blueprint (L)5Weapon5 Enkidd Series A-55 (L)165  33.0333.03100.0Planet Cyrene
Imperium Bearings Blueprint (L)1Material4Imperium Bearings0.55  1.651.86112.9Planet Cyrene
Imperium Compression Unit Blueprint (L)3Material4Imperium Compression Unit0.55  1.651.69102.2Planet Cyrene
Imperium Control Sensor Blueprint (L)3Material4Imperium Control Sensor0.55  1.651.86112.7Planet Cyrene
Imperium Cube Component 1 Blueprint1Material2Imperium Cube Component 10.1  0.300.31104.0Planet Cyrene
Imperium Cube Component 2 Blueprint1Material2Imperium Cube Component 20.1  0.300.32105.5Planet Cyrene
Imperium Cube Component 3 Blueprint1Material2Imperium Cube Component 30.1  0.300.30101.5Planet Cyrene
Imperium Cube Component 4 Blueprint1Material2Imperium Cube Component 40.1  0.300.32108.0Planet Cyrene
Imperium Cube Component 5 Blueprint1Material4Imperium Cube Component 50.1  0.300.31104.7Planet Cyrene
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