Creature Class: Animal (Arkadia Underground)
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Maturity Levels

The maturity levels of the creatures in this class.

Single Maturity Mob0Some Arkadia UG are single maturity

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Creatures in this class.

NameFound onStbCutImpPenShrBrnCldAcdElcMovementCombatAttacksRangeAggressionTamableSweatableMin HPMin Global
DromiaPlanet Arkadia  100      RunningClose   NoYes4010
NaviPlanet Arkadia  100      Floating    NoYes960 
TogolossiPlanet Arkadia353728      RunningClose32 LowNoYes1400 
WombanaPlanet Arkadia30 44    26 RunningClose  LowNoYes440 
   %%%%%%%%%  /minm   HPPED

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