Material: Diamond
Specifications                  [Edit]
Type:Precious Stones
Value:500 PED
Refines To:Pile of Diamonds
Source:Crafting, Looted
Found on:Entropia Universe

Diamonds are one of the most valuable gemstone a citizen may possess.


Can be looted from crafting any level ?+ blueprint.

if crafting gear:

filling the item takes priority over looting gem. I.e.

- 100 PED max TT item giving a 200 PED global, can't give diamond, as there's only 100 additional PED for loot left after filling the TT of the item.

- 100 PED max TT item giving a 650 PED global, there's a chance to loot a diamond, because there's still 550 PED left for other loot, which is more than the TT of the diamond.


If crafting Components:

Under Investigation

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This item has been reported to drop from these creatures.

CreatureFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
AraneatroxRareMature14.1Last VUEdit
Ambulimax (Calypso)UnknownDominant9.2.4Last VUEdit

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