Misc. Item: Generic Nano Adjuster
Specifications                  [Edit]
Type:Upgrade Item
Maximal TT:5 PED
Found On:Planet Calypso

A Generic Nano Adjuster (GNA) is a Robot container for nanobots which they use for a myriad of things, such as repair and maintenance.


By manipulating the control module they can be used to improve and/or tweak human made equipment.


This piece of technology might be of interest to the Imperial Guardians at Fort Ithaca


Used in

Vigilante armor upgrade (x10 per piece)

Nemesis armor upgrade (x10 per piece)

Jaguar armor upgrade (x10 per piece)

Boar armor upgrade (x20 per piece)

Adjusted Vigilante armor upgrade (x20 per piece)

Angel armor upgrade (x40 per piece)

EWE EP-41 Military weapon upgrade (x50)

Maddox IV weapon upgrade (x50)

A-3 Justifier Mk.II weapon upgrade (x50)

Marber Bravo-Type Plasma Annihilator weapon upgrade (x50)

DOA Loudmouth weapon upgrade (x50)

Teleporation Chip II upgrade (x50)

Meckel & Loch ML-35 weapon upgrade (x65)

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This item has been reported to drop from these creatures.

CreatureFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
Miner BotUncommonGen 0317.18.1Edit
TrooperUncommonGen 01Edit
Second EntityUncommonGen 01Edit
WarriorUncommonGen 0317.17.1aLast VUEdit
Big BulkUncommonGen 0117.16.1Last VUEdit
EvisceratorUncommonGen 0117.14.0Last VUEdit
LegionnaireUncommon 17.13.0Last VUEdit
AttackerUncommonGen 07Last VUEdit
DefenderUncommonGen 01Last VUEdit
Steel BirdUncommon Last VUEdit
DrokaUncommonGen 0117.12.1Last VUEdit
WarlockUncommonGen 07Last VUEdit
VanguardUncommon 15.15.7Last VUEdit
Drone CoordinatorUncommonGen 02Last VUEdit
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