Mission: New Elysian Order Exploration
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Next Island
Objective:Find the settlement and then hunt and mine
Reward:3200 Universal Ammo
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Ben Lockwood
Nearest City:Crystal Peak Teleport



First talk to Audrey Niles.


Then find the settlement, which is shown on your map.


You will then be given tasks to complete:

  1. Find 5 mining claims
  2. Kill 20 Young / Mature Brown Papoo
  3. Find 3 unique items in the loot.


Then return to Audrey Niles at Old Abandoned Post.


From experience, it seems that you do not need to complete the hunting AND the mining, just one of them.


The "unique" items are not actual loot, they are special mission items, but they are actually armour parts for Scourge armor, so this is useful to find out stats on the Scourge armour.

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