Mission: Deliver us from the Dark Queen
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Planet:Ancient Greece
Type:Hunting, mining and crafting
Objective:Locate Vellum from Cyclops; Mine for Blood of the God's; Craft 3 Block Chisel
Reward:Medal of Heroism
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Batiatus
Required Mission:Find Batiatus

Mission Dialogue


Greetings, terran. Our most dear friends the Haruspex informed us you might be of some assistance to us. We have heard that you are a true and dedicated warrior, an ally on a path of righteousness and chivalry. The fortitude and ethics you showed in helping to protect their way of life and our secrets was nothing less than truly heroic, and I fear we must ask you to tap into that very heroism again. We face a threat most vile.


Response options:


Well with a glowing recommendation like that, how can I say no?




I'm sorry, I cannot at this very moment, I shall return later!


Choosing the first option gives this:


Excellent, my friend! We as a nation have decided that if you suceed in this dangerous mission, we have set aside six plots of our most beatiful land, and these will be offered for sale for you to obtain to build and design a beautiful estate upon. There are other warriors attempting to vanquish our enemies here as well, so they cannot be guaranteed, but the first six warriors to assist in saving us will have first choice at building a magnificent palatial home on some of the most desirable land our fair country possesses. Now I shall tell you a bit more about what needs to be done.


The threat we face is a powerful being who came here from we know not where. A monstrous being has enslaved local wildlife and twisted those beings into evil slaves. I cannot quite describe this evil, as I've never been close enough to see it, but those that have have left behind enough terror in their description that the point is made. However, we have good news. There is a way to defeat her.


Sounds like when I broke up with my ex.


There are hidden items around the map, hidden items that when assembled, will grant you access to the lair of the Gorgon who has enslaved our realm. These items were lost, and have only recently resurfaced, sheltered for years by natives longing for the right savior. In order to locate them, you'll need a map of our world, with their locations and instructions. However, due to the complexities of map making, and the twisted nature of our world, we have only one mapmaker competent enough to make this map for you. He will require several itemsin order to make it, including a special vellum for mapmaking, a certain type of ink, and a custom cartographer's pen.


Of course you only have one mapmaker capable of this. Why would it be easy for me?


Firstly you'll need to obtain the special vellum from Cyclops, so you'll need to go kill a good amount. You can find some of them to the southwest of the city of Thebes a good distance. They also reside on a large island far to the southwest.


Ok so now we are making maps from skin? This is where we are headed with this? I was first chair clarinet in my choir back home, now I'm havesting skin to make treasure maps! Fine..fine. I want to help. I just should have listened to my father more.


The ink the mapmaker needs is actually found when mining in certain areas of our land. It's located deep within the bosom of our terra firma. We call it Blood of the Gods, and the mapmaker will need three of them in order to complete the map. There is no particular location of clime it can be found in, so one must simply mine until they locate it.


Sounds like I'm in for a good hike! Where am I headed?


The last component of this process to get you a good, functional map is a pen. A cartographical pen is a specially designed piece that allows for the mapmaker's artistry and precision at the same time. Not anyone can craft it. In fact, it's rather rare to run across someone who can.


Why am I feeling like this is a trap? Your damn pen maker is gone, isn't he?


You are correct, sir. Unfortunately, he passed away two weeks ago. He was attacked and eaten by an Enslaved Daudoarmur. However, the mapmaker can craft the pens he needs. The only problem is that he is short on time. He was going to finish crafting some chisels for a nearby marble mason, so if you can finish that for him, he can get started on the pens, and then the map.


I've never crafted a chisel before! How am I supposed to do this?!


Keep trying until you get it, sir. You'll need to locate or purchase the supplies to craft them. I'll give you the instructions for how to craft it. Use your superior skills and help us, dear warrior! We may need spares as well, in case the first one breaks. Craft 3 chisels, and the mapmaker should be content.


I'll do what I can, Batiatus my new demanding friend, but I make not promises!


Mission Objective 1


  • Locate the vellum via Cyclops 2000 point (do not TT this)

Cyclops can be found at

/wp [Ancient Greece, 35502, 19399, 147, Sparta Scout-Advisor]

/wp [Ancient Greece, 33574, 19040, 117, Syracuse Advisor-Warchief]


Point system



  • Mine for the Blood of the Gods (mining ores and enmatter works, do not TT this)
  • Craft some chisels for the mapmaker 3 Block Chisels (you get the bp from Batiatus, you will need the block chisels to hand over)
  • Look for a crafting machine 

interact with it at /wp [Ancient Greece, 36159, 20761, 182, Look for the crafting



Hand these items to Batiatus: Vellum, 3 blood of the gods and 3 block chisels.


Mission Objective 2


Find the keys (i think that what it was) 

3 waypoints

(be careful of zeus, he zaps on site)


Mission Objective 3


Visit the estates.


Agamemnion (Cylades)

/wp [Ancient Greece, 37859, 19416, 135, Adrian]


Menelausia (Abdera)

/wp [Ancient Greece, 37705, 22432, 117, Vitali]


Myrene (Pella)

/wp [Ancient Greece, 36322, 24120, 150, Dominic]


Patroclusia (Larissa)

/wp [Ancient Greece, 34396, 22049, 431, Patrocles]


Heraion (Troezen)

/wp [Ancient Greece, 35965, 19592, 135, Barak]


Leonidaion (Cyzicus)

/wp [Ancient Greece, 39720, 22524, 255, Lucius]

Mission Objective 4


  • Talk to Marcus Aurelius
  • Kill the Gorgon
  • Meet Aegeus


Aegeus Dialogue


Now that the Gorgon has been slain, which we are all gratefull for, there does reamin her...remains. This is not like a normal body. There is her spirit, which is considerably tougher to kill, yet luckily less effective as a force against our land. In order to fight her spirit, you'll need several items that cause her to come out and battle. These items are attainable through the end a series of quests. You may need to fight her multiple times in order to ultimately rid this land of her presence altogether, so you can do the quests as many times as you wish. Good luck warrior!


Ok that sound like a real blast. I JUST killed her. What a bait and switch! Ugh alright, I'm in the mood for a challenge, and I need some of that demonic armor you are wearing, so lets do this.


Talk to Marcus Aurelius




Medal of Heroism


This is the beginning of the shade missions, this can be accepted from the same npc in the wave area. 

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