Mission: Maintenance Problems
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Planet:Next Island
Objective:Find spare parts for Samuel
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:0574-Samuel
Nearest City:Crystal Peak Teleport


Maintenance Problems

Find the spare parts for Samuel and repair him.


  • Retrieve spare parts
    • ...by taking them back from papoo
    • ...or by sifting supply caches
    • Supply Cache A (136090, 84231) Linguistics module
    • Supply Cache B (136372, 85306) Speech module
    • Supply Cache C (138020, 83234) Logic module
  • (Optional) Decode the file dump



0574-Samuel (Crystal Resort 136452, 84411)



  • What?
  • I don't understand a word. I have to repair you.

If you choose "What?"



  • What?
  • You are a seriously broken robot. I have to repair you.

If you choose "...I have to repair you", Mission Log is updated.

At Supply Caches 

  • Clik on 'Box of Spare Parts for Robot Positronics Brains'.
    • Please wait 60secs and click again...
    • If you click again before 60 seconds, Please wait for a while and click again ...
    • [Mission updated] Found xxx Module.

Note: If items are looted from papoo before searching the supply cache, the supply cache will be inoperable

On return to Samuel:

  • ...hello?
Hello. I'm Samuel. And who might you be?
  • I'm <Avatar Name>.
I'm honored to meet you, Mr/s <Avatar Name>. Is it you that did me the favor of repairing me?
  • Yes.
I am forever your humble servant. (bows)
And what can I do for you, this fine day?
  • They say that you're the expert on time travel. Can you tell me why the First Wave didn't arrive?
Ah, yes. That is a curious subject. You see, I did study the receiving end, that is here, and I double and triple checked the calculations. They should be here, but they aren't. My conclusion is that whatever happened, did so at the transmitting end.
We know that travel through the portal is possible; at least Arthur of the First Wave arrived.
The technology must have improved as Second Wavers such as yourself arrive by the day.
  • What is your conclusion?
I think there must have been a malfunction. It must have appeared to the Elysians on Earth that the First Wave arrived safely, but except for Arthur they vanished.
The technology must have improved, since so many of you Second Wavers are coming through now.
  • Can we fix the malfunction?
Probably not. But we can look for the others. The first step in looking for them would be to try and get a location fix on their arrival point. Perhaps then we might locate the missing Elysians.
Would you like to help me in this task?


  • Yes, I would
  • I'll wait a bit.

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