Mission: Getting the Fix
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Planet:Next Island
Objective:Activate 4 sensors
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:0574-Samuel
Nearest City:Crystal Bay
Required Mission:Maintenance Problems


Getting the Fix

Get a fix on the location of the other Elysians, by activating a number of sensors.


  • Get a location fix on other Elysians
    • Activate sensor Alpha (137322, 83254)
    • Activate sensor Beta (137287, 83438)
    • Activate sensor Gamma (137509, 83996)
    • Activate sensor Delta (137718, 83176)
  • Return to Samuel with the readouts.



0574-Samuel (Crystal Resort 136452, 84411)

Now, here's what we will do: there is a grid of four sensors around Crystal Resort. One of the sensors is here in Crystal Resort, and the other three are placed outside. It doesn't take much modification to change these to get a transdimensional fix on other travelers from Elysium.
I've marked the location of the sensors in your map and mission log. It should be a simple task of installing the fix, and then we will see what data pours in.
Good luck!
  • Thanks

On return to Samuel:

I have some wonderful news! The moment the last adjustment was done, I started to receive signals.
  • Really? I thought it would take more time.
So did I, my friend. So did I. There seems to be a gate closeby that connects Next Island to, of all places, Ancient Greece on Earth, or possibly a parallell universe Earth. Exactly where the gate is, I don't know, since the gate seems to be too close and is almost overwhelming the sensors. But I have the location fix of the other end.


  • What do I need to go there?
  • How do I get back?
  • Time travel sounds fun! I'll do it.
  • Time travel sounds too risky.
If you choose "What do I need to go there?":
You need the location of the gate, of course. I suspect that if anyone knows the location of the gate, then it is Io, the strange girl. If you can find the gate, then you can set the gate to the other end.
You will also need the time travel crystals to activate it. Mary keeps them safe so you have to convince her to give them to you.
If you choose "How do I get back?":
I think that Io is from there, and that means that there is a way to get back that she happened to trigger accidentally. A resourceful person like yourself should be able to figure out how. You could always ask her.

If you choose "Time travel sounds fun! I'll do it."

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