Mission: To Infinity and Beyond
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Planet:Next Island
Objective:Travel to Ancient Greece
Mission Broker
Nearest City:Crystal Peak Teleport


To Infinity and Beyond

Travel to Ancient Greece.


  • Travel to Ancient Greece
    • Get directions from Io
    • Find The Cave

Objectives as of VU 14.3.2 / 2013 November 17

Added by Endi

Prove your Elysian traits to Mary's satisfaction, so you can travel to Ancient Greece.
  • Bravery
  • Intelligence
  • Benevolence
  • Kindness
To complete the Intelligence objective, complete this mission: Displacement Readings.
To complete the Benevolence objective, complete this mission: Axonic Diodes.
To complete the Kindness objective, complete this mission: Arthur's Secret Crush.


1314-Mary: (136368, 84370)
Good. Note that you will have to use the time travel gate, using Samuel's directions. But you already know that.
What you don't know is that these three crystals will break during travel. They synchronise the time field stream to open the wormhole from now to then, but they will break in the process.
It is possible that there is a way back, as the presence of Io indicates, but there is also the possibility that you would be stranded there.
  • ...so now you tell me.
Well, you didn't ask. Still, the choice to go through the gate is yours.
  • One more thing: Samuel said that Io knows how to get there.
He did? Well, that makes sense. I think you should ask Io to tell you how to find Orpheus' Cave. That is what she calls the cave where she emerged before coming here.
  • Thankyou.

Io: (136634, 84451)
Hello. How can I help?
  • Hello. Could you tell me where to find Orpheus' Cave?
You want to go there? I have not been there for a long time, but it should be easy to find. You leave this place and go north.
Here, let me mark the location on your map.
  • Thank you.
There. Now it should be easy to find. Be careful, because there are lots of angry monkeys at the road.
  • Thanks for the warning.

The Orpheus' Cave is at 136186, 87220

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