Mission: Beachside Fashion
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Next Island
Objective:Talk to Miranda
Reward:Island Shirt (C) Blueprint
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Sara Murray
Nearest City:Crystal Peak Teleport


Run a quick favour for Sara... Please?

  • Find out what Miranda's wearing to the barbecue
  • Get back to Sara and tell her Miranda is wearing a violet dress to the barbecue.


Sara Murray (137069, 83348)
Great day for the beach, isn't it?
  • It sure is!
  • Did you really come all the way to Next Island just to sit around on the beach?

If you choose 'It sure is!':
You want to think about some beachwear for this great weather, <Nickname>? Oh, no offense meant, your current clothes are fine! But if you were interested in a sweet beachy top, I could help you out.
  • Oh, I'd like that!
  • My mind is on higher pursuits than fashion, Ms Murray.

If you choose 'Oh, I'd like that!':
Run a quick message for me, and I'll give you a pattern for an island shirt. My friend is a quick teleporter hop... wait, have you been to Crystal Center before?
  • Yes, I have
  • No, I haven't

If you choose 'Yes, I have':
Then it will be a quick trip for you. Just run up to that teleporter right behind me, activate it, and set it to Crystal Center, and go!
  • Will do!
  • Teleporter? What are you talking about?

If you choose 'Will do!':
Remember, you can only teleport to locations you've already visited, so as you travel, remember to get the teleporter points! So before you leave Crystal Bay, jump up on the teleporter to make sure you have it.
  • I got it. What's this message you need me to take?
Here's the story. We're having a beachside barbecue, and I don't want to wear the same outfit as anyone else.

Can you run up to Crystal Center and ask my girl Miranda what she'll be wearing?

Ask Helen too...wait, nevermind. She'll be wearing the same ratty outfit she wore to hunt this morning, and I bet she won't have washed her hair, either.
  • Say that thing about the teleporters again?
  • If Miranda's your friend, why don't you ask her yourself?

If you choose 'If Miranda's your friend...':
Going up to Crystal Center really bums me out. All that First-Wave paranoia, you know?
  • I know! Ok, I'll talk to Miranda and be right back.
Thanks! I'llcopy down the directions for a great beach shirt while you're away.
  • I'll be back quickly.

On talking to Miranda: (137334, 83293)
Hello again, <First Name>!
  • Hi, Miranda! Sara sent me to ask you a question.
What would that be?
  • She said to ask you what you're wearing to the barbecue.
  • She said to ask you a frivolous question, of which I strongly disapprove, regarding your clothing for a social gathering.

If you choose 'She said to ask you what you're wearing...':
Oh, she's worried about us turning up in the same outfit then?

Tom would say that accounting for the number of outfits Sara and I each own, it's statistically unlikely that we would choose a similar outfit. But do tell her I'll be wearing a new violet dress.
  • Thanks, Miranda, I'll let her know.

On talking to Sara:
Hey <Nickname>! Or, should I call you Newlander so everyone knows I've been on Paranoia Island longer than you?
  • Heh, that's not very nice.
Sorry. What did Miranda say?
  • She said she's wearing violet
Oh, of course she is! Thanks, now I can plan my own outfit.
  • No problem. It was no trouble to go up to Crystal Center.
  • I can't believe that you've made me a messenger. A fashion messenger, no less!

If you choose 'No problem...':
Here are the instructions for an island shirt. You dont have to go back to Crystal Center if you don't want to, you can use one of the crafting terminals inside the bar to make your shirt!
  • Thanks, Sara!

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