Mission: Arthur's Secret Crush
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Planet:Next Island
Objective:Talk to Io
Reward:Achievement: Kindness of the Elysians
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Arthur
Nearest City:Crystal Peak Teleport
Mission Locations


Seems broken atm, cannot talk to the NPC

Learn about Arthur's crush, and see if you can help.


  • Find out about Arthur's love for the displaced Athenian girl, Io.
  • Talk to Io and put in a good word for lovelorn Arthur
  • Return to Arthur and tell him about your talk with Io



Arthur (137344, 83284)

  • You seem down, Arthur. How's greeting the Newlanders?
I very much enjoy my position as Official Island Greeter, but a personal problem is weighing on my mind.
  • What's that? You can tell me about it, Arthur!
I've become fond of a young lady, but I fear she doesn't return my affections. Perhaps you've met her? Io, a sweet and lovely girl, has travelled from Ancient Greece, and now makes her home here, today.

Well, not TODAY today, she's been here a while, I meant today as in the present day, not as in she arrived this morning. Er, where was I?
  • Io?
That's right. She is such a congenial conversational and walking partner, I really find her company delightful. I wonder if she might be interested in me as well?


  • Let me help you!
  • Yeah, she's probably not interested. Sucks to be you!

If you choose 'Let me help you':

Would you really? Would you go find Io, strike up a conversation, and put in a good word for me? Just please don't tell her about my tender feelings for her! Than would be highly embarrassing!
  • Of course!
My gratitude, <Nickname>. You'll find Io in the jungle, you'll know her by her radiance and, also, her Greek dress.
  • Your secret is safe with me!

On talking to Io (137850, 83257):

Greetings! Looking for directiosn to Orpheus' Cave, I'm sure.
  • Actually, I was just passing, thought I'd say hello.
Isn't that kind of you! Usually only Arthur has time to come out here just to say hello.


  • Well, Arthur Sorensen is a very considerate man. Thoughtful too. And smart!

If you choose 'Well, Arthur Sorensen is a very considerate man...':

He's even learning Greek to converse with me better.
  • He sure is a great guy. I'll be on my way now, good talking to you, Io.
  • Farewell!

On return to Arthur:

''Thanks, <First Name>! It would have broken my heart if you'd let my feeling slip!
  • You can count on me, Arthur!

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Mission Locations

ContinentLonLatTypeNameDensityLand Area
Next Island13785083257Mission Location Arthur's Secret Crush: Io 

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