Mission Broker: DiNapoli
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Name:Emilio DiNapoli
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PlanetNameObjectiveRepeatableRewardReward SkillsNearest CityRequired MissionAdded
Next IslandA Favor for DiNapoliBring the present to Creon in Ancient GreeceNoAchievement: Honeybrew Lager Displacement Readings
Next IslandArmor of HeroesGather itemsNoTrojan Breastplate 
Next IslandDisplacement Readings15 click with the supplied blueprintNo50QR Elysian Power Sphere Blueprint &15 Praetonium Armor of HeroesNext Island 2012.2
Next IslandIncomplete Displacement ReadingsGenerate incomplete readings and give them to DiNapoli Achievement "Defender of Elsyia" Crystal ResortA Favor for DiNapoli

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