Version Update: Next Island 2012.2
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Planet:Next Island
News:New mob, missions, items, bug fixes
March 13, 2012

Today's content offers new weapons and new armor for Greece. We're also introducing Mutant Boar and the surrounding storyline, and there's a secret Demra mission in today's content as well.

New Mob

  • Head out to Morion Outpost to fight Mutant Boar!


  • Genetic Research 1 and 2 - Bess Mackenzie, out on Shepherd's beach, needs some help in these chained missions. (Hint: Pick this up before you go hunting the boar!)
  • Discovering Demra - Unlock this secret mission by bringing the Demra Slicer over to a history buff on Next Island.


  • The Hoplite Armor set, an unlimited colorable, craftable set of armor that can be used in Greece and in tropical Next Island. Sorry, Greek explorers, we won't have sandals or hand protection until the next release.
  • We've added a finite number of the Hoplite Breastplate and Hoplite Armbands on the Greek minotaur and cyclops, so start slashing to get yours!
  • The Hero's Sword, Philosopher's Sword and Archon's Sword are new craftable, unlimited swords into the Crafting loot.They're usable in Ancient Greece, and they're a nice step up from the falcata you've been using.


  • The Path to Greece: We've found that players who are unfamiliar with the vastness of the Entropia Universe are finding the walk out to Orpheus' Cave to be long and confusing. Now, players going to Greece for the first time will have some more markings along the way.
  • Player-Owned Estates: We've had so much trouble trying to sort out the bugs, our dev team finally just went in and redesigned the estates. If you currently own an estate, all the items currently inside - decor, furniture, retail items - will be found in your inventory.
  • Blueprint Book Art: We've updated the art on the existing Next Island blueprint books. No changes have been made to functionality.

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