Version Update: 14.9
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Creature control system


Improved client stability.

Introducing: Creature Control System

It is now possible to take the role of a ferocious creature and start hunting other avatars!
So how do you do this?
By consuming a Creature Control Capsule you can transform into a creature and gain its abilities, this will lock most of your regular actions and instead open up a new Creature Control Interface.
While in creature form you can harm other avatars even in safe zones, but they can also harm you.
The duration of the transformation is controlled by a timer, however it is possible to extend the time using the "Add time" feature.

Additional information

  • Creature Controlled Capsules can be found in creature loot.
  • While in creature form you are anonymous, i.e. other avatars can not see your Avatar identity
  • Planet specific creature capsules can only be used on corresponding planets.
  • Dying in creature form will end the transformation and send you to nearest revive terminal.
  • You cannot swim and will drown while in creature form, but you are free of fall damage.
  • Creatures need clear open area to be able to spawn, the bigger the creature, the bigger the area.
  • Defense turrets can not harm you in creature form.
  • A new Hall of Fame section has been added to cover the top Creature Control players.
  • When dying as a creature the avatar will be transported to closest revive terminal

Beginners guide web page:


  • A Private Message (PM) notification on the main chat window. Different settings for the PM notification can be set in the Options panels HUD section.


  • Increased summoning mining claim to 100 meters range to make it easier for those who cannot reach their claims.

Bug Fixes

  • Passengers should no longer be able to spawn with “Arrival Safe” protection after a Privater/Mothership has been destroyed
  • Some coloring and material customizing where they replaced model material has now been fixed
  • Fixed some issues with avatar animation transition
  • Fixed an issue where the chat still could freeze if team names had special characters
  • Effect over time should now be displayed correctly in the Auction
  • Various small bug fixes.

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