Weapon Attachments (discussion)
Uhm, I think it might be useful to add some sort of column to distinguish Laser Sights and Scopes, because even if we might not exactly know how they work, you can still say for which Sight/Scope you pay the least or the most for each % of Skill Modification...
I can think of either Pec/% (Decay/SkillMod) or %/Pec ((1/Decay)*SkillMod) they both really show you the same thing, but Pec/% results in some really small 0,0x values that might be tedious to compare at first glance, while %/Pec gives some more readable high numbers, from about 60 to 400 for the Sights and Scopes that have all data in the table...

Sound (talk) - 24-03-2023 13:07:16

Oh, and, if noone thinks that that idea is complete junk, it'd be cool to tell me how to add such a column, I couldn't figure it out myself so far... :s


Sound (talk) - 24-03-2023 13:07:16

Im not convinced yet if this would be usefull. The advantage of the skillmod is dependent on your skills and the weapon you attach it to. That can make the decay irrelevant in some situations. Simply picking the attachment with the highest skill/pec doesnt garentee you that it will be the best chose for you skill/gun combination at all. So adding a column like that might give people the wrong impression.
You can already see how the attachment influence your efficiency in the Weapons chart.

PS, you cannot add collumns yourself, only I can do that.

Witte (talk) - 24-03-2023 13:07:16

All right, I'm okay with that then, was just a thought. And thanks for the info on the columns.

Sound (talk) - 24-03-2023 13:07:16



In the recent VU List was a part hidden that was recently promised in the Support news - Attachment clarification.

Turns out we have a new stat on them, resulting in a new column for the chart: "Attachment Skill Bonus"


From the VU Listing:

Attachment Parameter Changes

  • Skill Bonus on Attachments . The skill modification effect
    now have a clarifying tool tip. The attachment gives a bonus to the
    user's hit ability and it has full effect when the target is on
    maximum weapon range. When the target comes closer the effect
    decreases and it reaches its minimum effect when the target is in
    the immediate vicinity. Since the effect is variable the hit
    ability parameter display is not affected by the skill
  • New Parameter on Attachments . A new parameter has been
    introduced on laser sights and scopes. This new parameter gives the
    user a skill increase bonus when the attachment is attached to the
    tool. The skill increase bonus of the attachment will affect the
    skill that the tool affect. The number does not indicate an actual
    increase rate percentage but a higher number is better than a

Sound (talk) - 24-03-2023 13:07:16

Column added

Witte (talk) - 24-03-2023 13:07:16

Hi everyone, Entropedia is tremendously nice resource. A lot of
useful info. But there is something strange about the amps efficiency.

Why where is not effective damage ? Why 0.86 coeff not applyed to Amp in compare tools? As if they do constand dmg, but it's not so.

A102 mounted on a gun with 40+  dps does 3.5 to 7 dmg.

the AVG from 3.5-7 is 5.25 and DMG\PEC becomes 3.451 with minimal efficiency of 2.300 and max 4.601


Or I m just misunderstood something about how to read these tables.


Thanks a lot


Konstantin (talk) - 24-03-2023 13:07:16

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