Finders (discussion)
I was thinking about adding colum "End of Skill Increase Bonus", for most SIB items.
I have already data for md-202(L) - it is about 6.6 of Driller profession.

Eol (talk) - 11-01-2007 01:34:41
It sounds like a good idea. Does anyone knows if there is any logic behind the skill increase bonus period? Or is it different for every item? Anoter thing, some items say "Required" and others "Recommended". Does anyone know the difference between that?

Witte (talk) - 11-01-2007 14:42:56
I think that "Required" level is the skill level that you must have to use the tool and "Recommended" is the level that is needed to have maxed stats on that tool.

CvX! (talk) - 11-01-2007 17:48:13
of-211 and mf-211 max out at lvl 4 in prospecting & surveying professions

aw2002 (talk) - 22-02-2007 11:21:38
I have now used a mf-212 and used 495 probes with different amps

As far as I can see the decay should now be

decay 155.20-148.69=6.51/495 = 0.01315152 each click

and pe-wiki says 1.3425

I guess that my calc should go like this 0.01315152 * 100 = 1.315152

Is this calculation ok or is it to few probes that has been done?

yquem (talk) - 26-02-2007 13:46:43

The discrepancy is only in the 3rd sigifigant figure, that's well within normal statistical variation for the sample size you've used.

SonOfAzrael (talk) - 2007-09-17 14:06:
With the new VU, all Finder avg depths have been changed drastically and must be re-entered. I've contributed what I can.

Ghandi (talk) - 13-06-2007 00:54:14
I've no idea how to edit this table to add it, but it occures to me that a column for economy ( In terms of cubic meters searched per pec ) might be a usefull addition. Does anyone else know how to do this?

SonOfAzrael (talk) - 23-09-2007 13:39:00

Not sure how the depth for non maxed finders is calculated but its way off. i'm level 17.5 prospector and get 600m on the ziplex TK220. chart only says 430

aw2002 (talk) - 25-10-2008 20:57:41

It seems the depth values when using skillbased is somewhat wrong on some items, the tik500 is one of them if i remember correctly, but they are definately not correct.

Flatline (talk) - 26-03-2009 17:25:59

I changed the depth at the start of the SIB period to 0.752 time the maximal depth. I am not 100% sure if this is the same for all finders, but it seems to confirm the finders I could test with my skill level (tk220 and tik400)

Witte (talk) - 26-03-2009 22:06:34

There is something wrong, when i use skillbased the depth of the mf-213 wont show up, for me it's maxed at my current skill level.

Flatline (talk) - 19-01-2022 23:05:41

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