Tiers (discussion)

I think it would make sense to replace Armor Parts with Armor Sets, as all parts in a set seem to have the same recipes.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 03-12-2022 22:37:01
Witte (talk) - 03-12-2022 22:37:01

Could we have tier recipes filterable by tier level (like blueprints) please, as well as by types (armour, weapons, etc)

Hijacker27 (talk) - 03-12-2022 22:37:01

And can we please have a linkback to the item in the tier recipes as well (preferrably in the specifications box, like on everything else)

Hijacker27 (talk) - 03-12-2022 22:37:01

Sorting the tier charts by Cost/E gives an error

Hijacker27 (talk) - 03-12-2022 22:37:01
So after a lot of digging I found some info on Tiers for those who have no idea what this is about.  As you use an item it gains Tier points in tenths of a point incriments until it reaches .9 of it's current tier.  After that a new button on the item will appear and you can upgrade your current item to the next Tier provided you collect the necessary materials for the upgrade.  There is a chance you will loose all materials including the original item you wanted to upgrade.  So what is the bonus or purpose of this?  You can't add any enhancements without the correct Tier level for that enhancement.  You get no bonuses to anything just for the Tier increase.'''
crsunlimited (talk) - 03-12-2022 22:37:01'''

Once an item is upgraded to a certain Tier Level, it can not only hold an Enhancer for that level, but also for all previous levels, e.g. a Tier 4 Weapon can carry Tier I, Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV Damage Enhancers, adding a total of 40% Damage to the base damage of the weapon.

Sound (talk) - 03-12-2022 22:37:01

What determines what makes your item go from lets say 0.0 to 0.1.  I noticed the tier list in the item menu but just not sure what makes the items go up each tenth.

Blosh86 (talk) - 03-12-2022 22:37:01

Just using an item will do that, e.g. hitting a mob with a weapon, dropping a bomb with a mining finder, anything you'd normally do with the item.

The exact rates are not known though, the only explanation from MA about the values in the Tier list was that "higher is better".

Sound (talk) - 03-12-2022 22:37:01

ok thanks I just noticed when i open iten info on my weapon it says like teir 1 is 156 then tier 2 is 87 and so on.  So i just wasnt sure if that meant like every 156 hits it goes up a tenth or every 156 kills or what.  But i do understand what your saying so thank you.

Blosh86 (talk) - 03-12-2022 22:37:01
Trying to add T6 to the ASG-12 Bucketful and when I change the column to "Weapons" the dropdown for which item I'm trying to edit isn't coming up.
Worm (talk) - 03-12-2022 22:37:01

When trying to add a tier for a Finder, I was unable to edit materials or any of the cost columns yet I see them for tiers added previously.

Bal (talk) - 03-12-2022 22:37:01

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