Weapon Attachments
Available attachments. They can be attached to weapons to give additional damage, skill increase or zoom ability. To determine the decay of an item, see the guide "Calculate the decay of an item" Showing 4 of 56 items.
General InformationStatsEconomySource
NameTypeDamageSkill ModSkill BonusZoomDecayAmmoCostMax.TTMarkupDmg/PECEfficiencySource
Mayhem B-Amplifier Gamma (L)BLP Amp55   0.0199989.99910525.00%5.50175.0Event Strongbox, Mayhem Token Trader
ZX Eagle EyeScope 20.260.01400.0140.3  60.0Starter Pack
ZX R-DodSight 40.4 0.02000.0200.3  100.0Starter Pack
ZX SinkadusEnergy Amp2   0.032400.4320.5 4.63084.7Starter Pack
    HP% XPECcellsPECPED HP% 

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