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General InformationFacilitiesLocation
 Crimson FieldsSmallYesYes Next IslandNext IslandPlace13747093364
 Crystal BaySmallNoNoNoNext IslandNext IslandPlace13709383307
 Crystal Peak TeleportLargeYesYesYesNext IslandNext IslandPlace13678783397
 First-Wave SettlementsmallnonoyesNext IslandNext IslandPlace13637884366
 Neophyte VillageSmallYesYesYesNext IslandNext IslandPlace13804483951
 Oasis OutlookMediumYesYesNoNext IslandNext IslandPlace12759983060
 Papoo VillageSmallNoNoYesNext IslandNext IslandPlace13765883210
 Paradise LandingLargeYesYesYesNext IslandNext IslandPlace13586583745
 Serpentine VillageMediumYesYesYesNext IslandNext IslandPlace12800086646
 Sypherton GardensSmallYesYesYesNext IslandNext IslandPlace13335894048
 Tanzanite ViewSmallYesYesYesNext IslandNext IslandPlace13538388562

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