Miscellaneous Tools
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General InformationEconomySource
NameTypeDecayMax.TTMarkupSourceFound on
Animal Brush Lite (L)Taming 3 WebshopEntropia Universe
Anti-Toxic ShotPvP5005.1 TTEntropia Universe
Armament Device 1 (L)Spacecraft Part 100 CraftedEntropia Universe
 Armament Device 3 (L)Spacecraft Part 1400 CraftedEntropia Universe
Bleaching Attachment for Elysian ColoratorBleacher14.03312.5 MissionNext Island
Elysian ColoratorColorator12 MissionNext Island
Payn-Inc Implant InserterInserter1150.00 PEDTTEntropia Universe
Portable Repair Unit (L)Portable Tools6.520165.00%CraftedEntropia Universe
Portable TT Unit (L)Portable Tools520144.00%CraftedEntropia Universe
Space Thruster (L)Thruster1050.00%CraftedEntropia Universe
Space Thruster Light (L)Thruster10.1 UnknownEntropia Universe
Sub Warp Drive 2 (L)Spacecraft Part 400 CraftedEntropia Universe
 Terratech PH-4 (L)Harvester5080 CraftedEntropia Universe
Vacuum Flux Energy GeneratorHangar Part 2516000.00 PEDLootedEntropia Universe
Vehicle RK-5 (L)Vehicle Repair0.1487.1 CraftedEntropia Universe
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