Land Area: Amethera Outback Land #28

Welcome to Ahh...The Atraxl!


The members of worked together to raise the money to purchase LA28 through the PEDflows own PF. Deeds.


Sales of PF. Deeds finished, and the new land area was purchases on 2020-02-27


Raising the capital took approximatly 11 Months.


Owners of PF. Deeds see a weekly dividen payout every Tuesday.


2019 ROI on PF. Deeds was 14%



The Atrax have taken over our land, we need your help to purge them!


Join us every saterday morning (EU TIME, Friday evening for US time zones) for our "Atrax Chill & Kill" Highest Single Loot event!

Specifications                  [Edit]
Land Name:Ahh...the Atrax
Type:Land Area
Owner Type:Avatar
Owner:Jess JessBelluhm Jones
Hunting Tax:3.99 %
Mining Tax:4.00 %
Planet:Planet Calypso
Lon.:25304 m
Lat.:45836 m

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DNA Samples

DNA Samples used in the fertilizer of the Land Area.

ZoneDNA SampleNumbersMaturity 
Main Creature HabitatAtrax DNA Samples1010Edit

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Known locations in this land area.

Calypso2595046822CreatureAtrax Young to OldLow
Calypso2530445836Land Area Amethera Outback Land #28 
2592046798Teleport Ahh... The Estophyls! 

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