Planet: Entropia Universe
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Version Updates

10.6.322-12-2009Bug fixesEdit
9.1.522-12-2007Mini update, bug fixesEdit
8.0.222-12-2005Mini updateEdit DPS restriction change, instance bugfixEdit
10.6.221-12-2009Proteron and Leviathan introduced, bugfixesEdit
8.0.121-12-2005Mini updateEdit
12.4.120-12-2011Merry Mayhem content, FixesEdit
11.5.420-12-2010Improvements & Fixes - Noob Clubs temporarily removedEdit
9.1.420-12-2007Mini update, bug fixesEdit
8.8.120-12-2006Mini update, bug fixesEdit
4.120-12-2002General bugfixesEdit
14.4.219-12-2013auto-loot pills, wave spawn resetsEdit
9.1.319-12-2007Mini update, bug fixesEdit
8.019-12-2005Asteroid Space ResortEdit
15.7.218-12-2015Fixed tutorial keybindings, fireworks info shows effects-over-timeEdit
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